ATS Italia Editrice srl:

Ats Italia was established in 1988 by the current director.

The company’s founders were great lovers of art and art-related books. At the beginning of the 90s editing activities were started, even though the distribution activity was continued.

During the years they collaborated with many famous institutions, such as the Vatican Museums, the Chapter House of St Peter’s in the Vatican, the Fabric of St Peter in the Vatican and the Scala publishers of Florence.

In 2009 ATS increased the number of topics it dealt with and marketed by buying one of Florence’s historic publishing firms, Editrice Giusti di Becocci, and its brands. The ATS catalogue is therefore even bigger and covers a wider range of subjects.

At the same time the catalogs have been enriched with religious articles whose main features are the seriousness of the editorial content, the quality of the materials and the originality of the packaging.